How Much Salary Can An Online Work Give Us? - A Salary Comparison of Online Jobs and Work at Home

Compare Salary of Online Jobs

I am annoyed when my friends ask me how much salary I am getting from my online work. Obviously, they do not have any ideas how online jobs can be a great cash cow. They simply know that selling items online is the only way to earn money from the internet.
Well, I do not answer their questions about my salary because it is confidential. If you are looking for some info how much salary you can get from online jobs, then let me give you some hints.

If you will become an online writer, you can earn varied salaries. As an academic writer online, you will receive premium rates. I for one am earning minimum of $10 per page of 250 words. Of course, the more pages you will write, the better.

As an online typist, the probable rate that you will get would be about $0.05 per word. This is quite low at first but if you are going to type 2000 words per day that would be $100 per day salary.

You may also consider becoming a virtual assistant. The salary rate for this telecommute job is on a per hour basis. I was recently offered by a US company to do regular updates of their records, work at home, and the pay is $5 per hour for 6 hours a day. Not bad. However, I am still busy with my writing jobs so I did not accept it.

You see, the question of how much salary you will get from work at home varies. But one thing is for sure, you can truly find legit online jobs that pay.

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