Nursing Job Abroad - Online Jobs For Nursing Fresh Graduates

Why do you keep on looking for jobs abroad? As a nursing graduate, you have an obligation to at least serve your country for about two years. However, we should also be very practical. We all know that having a nurse job in the Philippines is not very lucrative.
However, you can also earn dollars as a nursing graduate because of online jobs. What are these opportunities?

I have at least three friends who have been working as a nurse online. Well, the job is not actually hands on. But look at some of the nursing fresh graduate jobs that you can find online:
  • Online tutor jobs for nurses and nursing students.
  • Academic writing jobs for nurses creating research papers.
  • Virtual assistants for doctors abroad.
  • Becoming a medical transcriptionist online.
As you can see, many telecommuting jobs are also offering great work from home tasks. If you are a nursing graduate, then you should consider working online. The friends that I told you before earns as much as 40 thousand pesos a month, not bad if you are simply staying at home.

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