You Should Only Apply for Worldwide or International Telecommute Jobs

Have you been searching for an online job? Well I know how frustrated you are when suddenly you found a good online job. But when you see the FAQ, it says only American, Canadian or native English speakers may apply. Aargh!
This can be a big turn off for all of us who want to earn money online. However, there are still some other options to get a job from the internet. The solution?

Search for international or worldwide telecommute jobs. This way, you will not be restricted to the requirements of being a US resident. Of course, the only way these types of jobs can pay you is through check or PayPal so i suggest you secure an account from PayPal anyway it's free. Can I suggest some international telecommute jobs? Well I am a writer but you can start with these companies that hire writers from around the world: and I have worked for them for 4 years so I know they really pay. Lately I am no longer active because I am too busy maintaining this site hehe. Good luck!

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