How much is PayPal fee to Philippines? - An Online Worker's Question

When I started working online about 4 years ago, I do not have any ideas how in the world my employer form the US and UK will be able to pay me online. I was all aware about PayPal but has never used it before. But since my employers insisted that I should have an account, I signed up for one. PayPal funds can be transferred only to a Philippines credit card account (that was before). But now, if you are an online worker, you can definitely save a lot of money with reduced Paypal fees to the Philippines.

With paypal fees, you only need to pay P50.00 if your withdrawal is P6999.00 or less. This is automatically deducted form y our Paypal funds.
On the other hand, you will receive your money in fill, NO CHARGES, if you will withdraw an equivalent amount of P7000.00 an up.
Of course you have to shoulder the local bank fees for PayPal withdrawals. if you will withdraw Paypal to BDO fees are P200.00. If you will withdraw paypal to BPI fees are P150.00. But You will NEVER be charged if you will withdraw paypal to UnionBank Savings account.
Try using Paypal now. The Paypal fee to Philippines is really cheap.

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