How Much Salary From Work At Home Online Can You Earn? - A Work From Home Salary Presentation

We all know that work at home will become a hot topic for many internet users in the future. With bleak economies and low paying jobs out there, one will surely look for online jobs that he can do at home. But the question is, how much salary from work at home can you earn?
Let us discuss freelance writing, researching and virtual assistant jobs.

Translator jobs. You can easily find many translator jobs that pay per document. The minimum is $10 per page of 250 words.
Writing jobs online. This is one of the most high paying online jobs. You can earn as much as $30 per page of 275 words depending on your expertise.
Research online jobs. This work at home job pays per hour. The lowest I saw is $8 per hour.
Data entry encoding jobs. This type of freelance work at home pays a little smaller. Per word you might earn 0.05 dollars.
Looking for a home based job is just the beginning. You also need to decide what work at home pays good salary. The higher salary they offer the better. However, you also need to have the most important qualification in having a work at home job, this is by becoming a professional in everything that you do online.

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  1. I really appreciate the blogs you post here. I really am interested online jobs but I have not tried yet. Finding real online jobs seems not that easy. There's a lot of scams everywhere.


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