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Looking for some online lawyer jobs? Well if you are not yet interested in applying what you have learned in law school, or if you want to get a freelance job for lawyers, then the internet is the right place for you. have you ever considered looking for online lawyer jobs?

What types of jobs can I get from the internet? if you are a law student or a lawyer in practice, you can always find sources of income online. Many online work and online jobs can provide sustainable additional income for you.

Since you have a background in law, then the best online job for you is to become a writer. This is not ordinary writing because you will be writing acadecmi papers for law students. There are practically hundreds of companies online that hire law professionals. Since you are a legal professional, then you can share your expertise to students. How much will I earn? It will all depend on how much time you can render. I was an academic writer myself and I see that law articles and law assignments have values like $30 per page or more. If you wish to get an online lawyer job, then start becoming a good freelance writer.


  1. To be an academic writer, how do I apply and where do I apply? What site? What company? Can you refer one? Thanks!

  2. I agree with that, and it doesn't matter if you are studying law or whatever, the Internet is an amzing source for those wanting to make some extra money helping others, there are many freelance websites that someone can use to find work, and you can be sure that there is something for anyone.

  3. how to get this job, Iam a practicing lawyer here in the Philippines, looking for an on line freelance job


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