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Telecommute Jobs Are you a journalism major? Do you have BS journalism as a course in college? Well you can now get writing jobs online. If you are well versed with writing essays, research papers, poems, term papers or simple short stories, then you can find freelance writing work at home. Here are some of the qualifications that internet companies look for in an online work journalism writer:

  1. Ability to write academic essays
  2. Ability to write simple short stories for blogs.
  3. Can handle projects with different topics.
  4. Can work at home independently.
  5. Has internet connection at home.
  6. Professional.
If you are a journalism student or graduate, then online work for journalism is the best for you. You can also find other online jobs in the Archives. Many people are now working online. They do not need to go to an office, commute or even spend a penny on lunch. You can work at home anytime. This is the freedom that work at home writing jobs offer.

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