Free Online Jobs Without Charges and Registration Fees

I am quite offended by the mere fact that there are online jobs that will require you to pay. Yes, isn't it ironic that you have to pay someone just to get a job? This should not be the case because we are actually looking for a job. We should be the one paid not the ones who will pay.
I am still finding some online jobs that require an applicant to pay. They have really great techniques in tricking you. First they will tell you that you will receive good online jobs. The next thing you'll know you are on the order page of their website. Sooner, you will be prompted to enter your credit card number. Stop!

This is not supposed to happen. You should never ever pay for an online work. To stay away from these scams, let me give you some tips how to identify good online and legit jobs.
  • Make sure the company provides tasks that are legitimate (e.g. online writing jobs)
  • Read their mission statement
  • Take a look of their contact details like phone and address.
  • Make sure that they have clear terms and conditions.
  • Look for a forum where they are discussed for feedback and comments.
  • Lastly, leave immediately if you have to pay even a single cent.

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